Вилла Nag Shampa, Воздушная фотография
Вилла Nag Shampa, Гостиная площадь

Вилла Nag Shampa

8 спальни
16 человек максимум
$1390 - $2950
  • Идеально подходит для свадеб и частных мероприятий
  • Полный рабочий день сотрудников и повар
  • Континентальный завтрак включен
  • Retreat & Wellness Villa
  • 5 бассейнов
Вилла Nag Shampa Estate с 8 спальнями и 5 бассейнами расположена недалеко от горного городка Убуд (Ubud), в тихой деревне Таро, где древний ритм жизни, молитвы и церемоний, сложившийся много веков назад, существует и сегодня. Вилла Nag Shampa, являющаяся частной отступающей виллой, предлагает традиционную яванскую архитектуру в стиле Joglo, сочетающуюся с современными функциями, преданный своему делу персонал и частный шеф-повар, удобства для отдыха, большой йога-шала, что создает праздник элегантной простоты до 16 человек.

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4 Years Average rating based on  11  отзывов гостей:  5  /  5

Recent Reviews posted by the Villas's Guests:

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

We are blessed to have had an opportunity to visit Nag Shampa. Thank you so much for the amazing hospitality, food, fun and relaxation. This is truly a special place! Many thanks and gratitude!

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

This space has been a blessing to us, reminding us of what is beautiful and possible about Bali. The plants from this garden healed my skin, the food nurtured us, the staff greeted us and made us feel at home & the people in this experience reminded us of what is beautiful in life.

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

To the wonderful staff! Thank you so much for the amazing food, hospitality, service and fun we’ve had here at Nag Shampa. You are truly wonderful and this place has exceeded our wildest imagination. From Sweden with Love.

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

My gratitude, my respect and admiration to the Nag Shampa staff and to the owners and creators of this paradise. We have had a magical stay at Nag Shampa. The team, the food the attention to details is of that of a five star hotel! I know because I have managed a few. My wife’s dream to hold a yoga retreat here was the best vacation ever! My daughter loved all the kids amenities and her group loved every moments. A huge compliment from myself, my daughter and the amarapura lifestyle retreat that brought us to Nag Shampa! Thank you.

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

What an honor it was to be married in your stunning Villa. Guests from all over the world have been blown away by your little paradise here in the middle of the jungle. We hope to one day be lucky enough to return. The staff have been wonderful and there has never been a calmer bride . Thank you a million times over.

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

What a week in heaven!!! This was our first retreat in Nag Shampa. We created a detox retreat on 5 days juices, meditation & yoga and 2 days of healthy food. Nag Shampa was the perfect environment for our cleanse, so beautiful, relaxing, enchanting!! ♥ The staff was simply fabulous. So helpful, always smiling, happy, and so generous of their souls!! Thank you so much!! We will be back!

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

Everything about our stay at Nag Shampa has been extra special, especially knowing we were the 1st Yoga & Ayurvedic Retreat!! It was the perfect place for our guests to rest & rejuvenate. When I discovered Nag Shampa in August 2017, I felt the energy instantly & knew I had to find a way to share it with my beautiful yogis. The look on their faces on arrival said it all! As the world gets busier, it is important for people to slow down and act quite to connect themselves and their souls. This is my passion to hold the space for transformation to discover how amazing they are, and ultimately know their highest self, their truest self, to live in the state of Yoga, the state of love ♥ ♥ ♥ There is so much love at Nag Shampa, the staff "family" here are the perfect example. They showed their beautiful culture & village life with us ♥ I can't wait to launch our 2019 Nag Shampa Retreat. With love, Tina

 reviewed  Villa Nag Shampa  

When we first arrived here nothing could've prepared us for the experience we've had here at Nag Shampa.. When we openned the gates, our mouths just dropped. Having spent nearly 2 hours coming from Uluwatu one never quite anticipates what type of villa experience we would have. We walked down wooden steps and couldn't believe our luck. i've stayed at some villa's in my time (across the world) but nothing comes close to this. The rooms, the layout, furniture, lighting, menu, etc and of course the staff. Coki and crew were incredible, legendary, kind, happy, gorgeous human being. You've nailed it.. WOW ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ This place is just everything Bali should be peaceful, happy love!! Then of course, like most of my Bali experiences, things happen in extreme. Once again we saw the human spirit kicking. Coki and his crew selflessly held our hands and reassured us that all was OK. " I love it when people that have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire..."

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6 спальни $1,580 / ночь $1,985 / ночь $2,390 / ночь
5 спальни $1,390 / ночь $1,745 / ночь $2,100 / ночь
Минимальное количество ночей 2 ночей 5 ночей 7 ночей

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Спальни с кондиционером
Резервный генератор
Факс, принтер, сканер и Копировальная
Тренажерный зал
Massage Pavilion
Частный бассейн
Стерео & DVD-плеер
Yoga Area
Детская кроватка и высокий стул
Идеально подходит для проведения свадеб и других мероприятий
Полностью оборудованная кухня
Ipod Dock / Колонки
ТВ спутниковое / кабельное
24 часа в сутки услуги батлера
24 часа в сутки Служба безопасности
Трансфер из аэропорта - Условия применяются
Автомобил и водител - (6 пассажиров) до 8 часов в день без учета бензина и сверхурочных водителя
Шеф-повар, обученный в подготовке как местной и международной кухни
Complimentary mini bar on arrival
Ежедневный континентальный завтрак
Ежедневное обслуживание кровати
Cлужба покупки еды / Напитков основана на стоимости бакалеи
Регистрация Гостeи с местными органами власти
Интернет WI-FI
Приветственные напитки и Корзина с фруктами
Вилла Nag Shampa Схема виллы


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35 минут (18.9 км) на машине до Cultural town of Ubud, 95 минут (45.1 км) на машине до Seminyak Night Life, 90 минут (53.9 км) на машине до Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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Pura Tirta Empul
Gunung Kawi
Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud
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